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Find the Best Price on a Yamaha 8 HP 4 Stroke

What You Need to Know About Buying a Yamaha 8 HP 4 Stroke

What do we look for?
When looking for an outboard motor, we’re not worried about how it looks or what color it is; we’re concerned with how fast and far it can get us from point A to point B. But if you’re new to boating, you might want to take into account these details since they do play an important role in safety. The first step is determining which horsepower fits your needs and budget. Yamaha offers motors ranging from 5–50 horsepower, and prices go up as power ratings increase.


Where do I start?
When you’re shopping for any item, it pays to compare prices. That’s particularly true when buying an expensive product like a boat or vehicle. One of our main recommendations is to never buy anything without doing your research first, which includes checking websites such as eBay Motors or Amazon for price comparisons. These sites are great because they allow you to find similar items, meaning they show you other products that fit into your desired budget range and offer similar features so you can determine whether those extra features are worth more money in comparison to what you’re currently looking at.

To find the best price for YAMAHA 50 HP 4 STROKE (4 stroke outboard motor) you have to use our tools. When using our price list, you will be able to make your buying decision easier and faster than going from site to site by yourself. Our resources help cut down your research time and get you where you want to go in no time. Using these tools will save you both time and money! Find out what each item is selling for at PricePlow: Click Here To Find It Now On PricePlow!!!

How can I save more money?
People often use price as their primary way to judge if they’re getting a good deal, but sometimes paying less isn’t always in your best interest. Some brands are built with higher quality than others, and while those cheaper alternatives may be tempting in some cases, they can also result in you having to pay more when things go wrong (and they will). If you want to save more money on your next purchase of Yamaha 50 HP 4 Stroke. Then first ask yourself if you really need it.

Let’s look at some real deals…
You’ll find a Yamaha 50HP 4 stroke for under $50,000 in plenty of places. But as we see here, there are deals to be had. You might find what you’re looking for from one of these dealerships at or below your target price point. If you can get it even cheaper and you have time, keep looking; if not, go ahead and snap it up! It’s a good deal either way.

Good news, everyone! We have found some good deals.
If you’re in need of a good deal, it’s never been easier to find one. When I searched for Yamaha 8 hp 4 stroke price earlier today, I got back close to 6 million hits. The top five results were from brands like West Marine, Twisted Throttle and Amazon. This is great news if you are looking for some kind of discount or even free shipping and don’t have time to look through all those sites yourself! Good luck shopping around!

Questions to ask your seller before buying online
How do I know my seller is trustworthy? How can I ensure safe and secure payment? What will happen if I don’t receive my item, or if it’s damaged when it arrives? If you’re going to buy something online, you have lots of questions that need answers before making your purchase.

Now what?
No matter what you need to buy, there are ways to ensure you’re getting a good deal. If you’re buying something that requires professional installation—like appliances, HVAC units, flooring, etc.—it’s important to shop around for different prices so you can get your money’s worth.


A Freshwater Flush Device allows you to flush the engine without running it, for added convenience and extended engine life.


Optional Command Link® gauges provide real-time outboard performance, boat systems and environmental data at your fingertips. Streamlined displays are designed to withstand the elements and are available in square or round style for

Engine Typei4
Bore x Stroke65 x 75mm (2.56 x 2.95 in.)
Prop Shaft Horsepower50hp at 5500 rpm
Full Throttle RPM Range5000 ~ 6000 rpm
Alternator Output at W.O.T.16 amp
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Fuel Induction SystemEFI
Weight †112 kg (247 lbs)
Recommended FuelOctane 87
Recommended Engine OilYamalube® 4M (See owner’s manual)
Recommended Fuel FiltrationYamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)

† Weight refers to shortest shaft length, and is measured without motor oil, gearcase oil and propeller (except models 25 hp and under, which include a standard propeller). All Jet model weights include the jet pump assembly (weight estimated).YAMAHA 50 HP 4 STROKE

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