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Looking for a powerful yet affordable outboard motor? Check out the Yamaha70 HP 4 stroke – it’s ideal for a variety of boating applications!

Here at Platinum Motors, we’re excited to offer our customers some of the best outboard motors on the market today, including the Yamaha70 HP 4 stroke! It’s got plenty of power and it’s easy to use, making it ideal for both experienced boaters and first-time users alike. For more information, keep reading to learn about the key features of this motor, as well as its various uses and applications!


What You Need to Know About Inboard Engines
If you’re looking to buy an engine, you might be wondering whether to go with an inboard or an outboard. Essentially, what sets them apart is their placement—and not much else. Both kinds of engines are used in marine applications like fishing boats and personal watercraft (like jet skis). An inboard engine sits within its own compartment, while an outboard sits outside on a transom-style bracket. As far as power goes, they’re both pretty similar; however, some boats might be better suited to one type over another depending on where you want your motor mounted and if you need to optimize space aboard your boat.

The Basics of an Outboard Motor
While there are many types of engines, ranging from inboards to sterndrives, an outboard is fundamentally different from all other boat motors. Like its name suggests, an outboard is an engine that literally outboards from its compartment. When buying an engine like YAMAHA70 HP 4 STROKE you should always check to make sure that it’s compatible with your hull size and shape—the last thing you want is to spend $5K on a new engine only to find that it doesn’t fit into your slip. All YAMAHA Outboards come with…

Important Features of the Newer Outboards
The newer and more complex outboards are some of today’s best motors. They usually come with four valves per cylinder, meaning one camshaft (or crankshaft) has to operate four cylinders. The valves open at different points in their rotation, depending on what gear you are in. This is called multi-valve engine technology; opening multiple valves within each cylinder helps improve performance and fuel efficiency. Higher end models even come with variable valve timing and electronic fuel injection systems for optimal power management. On top of all that, many new engines allow you to have keyless access through electronic security systems—no more lost keys or scratched ignition switches!

Why a Yamaha 70 HP 4 Stroke Outboard?
As many experienced boaters will tell you, there’s nothing quite like owning and operating your own boat. After all, it’s one of life’s ultimate luxuries to be able to head out onto open water whenever you please. However, one thing that plagues many amateur owners is finding an engine capable of powering their craft. If you want to take your adventures to new heights in terms of speed and distance covered, a quality Yamaha 70 HP 4 Stroke Outboard is just what you need. When compared with other motors in its class, it offers best-in-class fuel efficiency while still remaining incredibly powerful and efficient—and best of all, every model comes with an amazingly low price tag! Here are just some of its key features

The launch of Yamaha’s F70 changed customers’ expectations of outboards in this category forever.YAMAHA70 HP 4 STROKEBeating in the heart of the F70 is a unique four-cylinder, 16-valve design activated by a single overhead camshaft. The 4-valves per cylinder valvetrain has dramatically increased this outboard’s volumetric efficiency


effectively transferring more air and exhaust at a more efficient rate. This makes the F70 more fuel-efficient, promotes a stronger torque band and makes the F70 lighter than all four-stroke and direct injected two-stroke competitors.

The F70’s awesome performance offers huge versatility and makes it the perfect power option for a huge range of mid-sized fishing boats and pleasure craft. The 70 horsepower is now available in both traditionalYamaha grey and new pearlescent white colour options, in a long shaft only.

  • Engine Type4-Stroke, 16 Valve SOHC In-line 4 Cylinder
  • Bore x Stroke (mm)65 x 75
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l)
  • Displacement (cc)996.0
  • Recommended Maximum RPM5300 – 6300
  • Fuel Management EFI
  • Ignition TCI
  • Lubrication System Wet sump
  • Alternator Output12V-15A with Rectifier Regulator
  • Gear Ratio2.33:1
  • Starter System Electric
  • Operation Method Mechanical Control (Optional Tiller Handle Available)
  • Trim and Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt
  • Digital Gauges Optional
  • Command Link Gauges Optional

Performance Reports
We take out the guess work in buying a new outboard, by rigorously testing  our range of engines on Australia’s most popular boating brands. See how your favourite Yamaha powered boat performs for acceleration, fuel economy and top-end speed

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