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2021 Yamaha Waverunners FX Cruiser SVHO®

For those who refuse to sacrifice anything, the FX Cruiser SVHO offers race performance, premium features and the latest WaveRunner technology.

Features may include:
SVHO® Engine
Yamaha 1.8L supercharged, Super Vortex High Output Marine engine delivers more power and torque than any WaveRunner® before it.

Connext® 4.3′ Touchscreen
Features Drive Control for customizing your ride, and provides all vital display functions, and security mode to prevent unauthorized use.
Drivers switch from forward to neutral to reverse with one pull of the throttle resulting in easier deceleration, reversing and docking.

Multi-Mount System
Easily affixes accessories (sold separately) including new custom-designed Wireless Bluetooth® Speakers, GPS Fish Finder as well as your action cameras and smartphones.

Extra-large storage in the glove box is easily accessible.

Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode™
Find the perfect towing speed and easily navigate “no wake” zones.

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The all-new 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners FX Cruiser SVHO is now for sale!

The all-new 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners FX Cruiser SVHO is now for sale! These Yamaha WaveRunners have proven to be the most popular boat of its kind and can be seen on lakes and rivers across the country! This boat, which has been in development since 2017, is sure to exceed even the highest expectations of its buyers. Whether you use it as a racing boat or as an instrument to spend quality time with your family, this beautiful ship will not disappoint you! In fact, if you order one before September 15th, we’ll include a lifetime guarantee and an extra battery absolutely free!

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What’s new?
This new model comes with an updated 130hp engine and has been designed to work more smoothly with a redesigned, reinforced hull. This new model also comes in new colors and with added style. The 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners FX Cruiser SVHO also comes in at a lower cost than other models of its kind. As we approach 2020, it’s time to start thinking about your plans for next year. Start by considering your options today on how you can make tomorrow better than today, so why not consider buying yourself a brand new 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners FX Cruiser SVHO?

3 Improvements over the previous model
The most noticeable difference in every version of these new WaveRunners will be improved handling. This newest version still has that signature soft ride and huge wake, but riders won’t have to worry about getting stuck behind something, or worse – flipping over. With a few adjustments, you can get off those waves easier than ever before and with more control at top speeds! Now in stock at our locations – better hurry before they sell out again.

Specification overview
The new 2021 WaveRunner FX Cruiser SVHO contains two independent drive wheels capable of propelling it over any aquatic surface with speed and agility. The front motor offers 20 HP, which ensures that you can get to your destination fast, while also having a blast along the way. The rear twin propeller provides an additional 10 HP, which gives you lots of extra torque in tough conditions or on rougher water. And with a spacious steering wheel and an ergonomic throttle control in front of you, controlling these boats couldn’t be easier.

Detailed review of key features
While there have been improvements across nearly every aspect of boat engineering, one thing that can’t be touched or improved upon is design. The look and feel of a boat are what create lasting impressions and help solidify brands in our minds. For many years, nothing has done more to promote watercraft than beautiful boats—and it’s why we’re so excited about what Yamaha has planned for their lineup next year. The new 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners FX Cruiser SVHO watercraft pushes things forward with its graceful shape, powerful performance and more intuitive handling, which easily matches up to its incredible good looks. All of these features come together to make an unforgettable experience at sea and on shore!

Why choose an FX Cruiser SVHO?
One of our most popular models, our all-new FX Cruiser SVHO offers a whole new world of high performance fun. Engineered to perform across a wide range of conditions, including choppy and deep water, while offering exceptional handling and performance with its powerful 140 HP engine and 21 deck width. Its complete package puts an impressive amount of technology in your hands, making you look good even as you make it look easy. It’s time to unleash your wild side with a yacht tender like no other.

Buyers guide
The new model comes with a 6 Cylinder engine and an increased fuel tank capacity, making it capable of operating in waves up to 5 ft high. What’s more, it comes with a handcrafted aluminum seat and gel coated handlebars that make navigating the open seas comfortable. The unique design of its hull makes it perfect for riding across challenging conditions, as well as at top speeds. If you want your hands on one of these beauties, click here to purchase.

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Product Description

Maximum people on board 3
Maximum load capacity 240kg (539.1lb.)
Length 133.8″ (3.36m)
Width 48.8″ (1.24m)
Height 48.0″ (1.21m)
Net Weight 375kg
Package size 3.506×1.171×1.318M
Engine type 4 stroke
Number of cylinders 4
Engine displacement 1812cc
Max power 170hp
Bore & Stroke 86×78
Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Lubrication system Dry sump
Cooling system Water cooled
Start system Electric starter
Max speed 105km/h
Propulsion system Jet pump
Jet pump type Axial flow, single stage
20GP 2 units jetskis + 30 units trailers(CKD)
20GP 2 units jetskis
40GP 6 units jetskis
40HQ 12 units jetskis
40HQ 12 units jetskis+14 units trailers(CKD)
40HQ 125 units trailers(CKD)


This product is design for adult. Not a children’s toy

Due to its design and speed and being covered by the CE regulations. Jet Ski For Sale

All powered vehicles are potentially dangerous and their use could involve the risk of injury or death, and they must be used in responsible manner. All nuts and bolts, tyre pressure and seating should be checked by a competent adult before every use. Accident damage should be attended to immediately and damaged parts replaced. Jet Ski For Sale

Helmets and suitable protective safety equipment should be used at all times.

Your product will arrive in a carton which contains a leaflet setting out the above warning notice, which you are strongly advised to read to the letter.


All our products are usually dispatch within 35 working days of receiving clear payment.

For most orders, we offer free delivery to the port


We accept payment by any of the following methods: western union or TT

Please pay as soon as possible after buying the item, as that will allow us to post your item to you sooner!



If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one, be it similar or not. Jet Ski For Sale

You can return a product for up to 14 days from the date you purchased it.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt.

You are responsible for return postage costs. Jet Ski For Sale


Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission

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